don't burn on re-entry

Having conquered the world made of bits, you need to reform the world made of atoms. Not the simulated image on the screen, but corporeal, physical reality. Not meshes and splines, but big hefty skull-crackingly solid things that you can pick up and throw. That's the world that needs conquering. Because that world can't manage on its own. It is not sustainable, it has no future, and it needs one.
-Bruce Sterling

It's about time I returned out of retirement and continued in my pursuit. (I hit some unfortunate events and one unfortunate vehicle hit me...)

But alas, returned.

I am in Minneapolis right now for the week. I am attending the ACADIA conference on silicon and skin. They focus on bio materials in digital design in architecture. Some of the speakers are a few of my favorites:: Sanford Kwinter and Francios Roche. Others I am interested in are :: Jerome Frumar, Charles Lee, Jelle Feringa, Aaron Westre, and of course who would be talking at this conference? RAMESH! my first computer modeling teacher from Carnegie Mellon University. Oh the days of FormZ. More to come as I attend.

I am reposting my final (sofar) video later today. It up loaded incorrectly before. Sorry about that.

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