for the installation

I am looking for ways to start to design this mechanism....
Bike chain? any one?


mid term movie...

Here are some of the comments and where I need to take it from here. Ed Keller was there. He is so tremendous! Jean Michel and MarkDavid and 2 friends of his from UCSB were also at the review.
1. ed-what does it mean to be alive? organic/inorganic...
is the brick alive, what does it mean? what does it mean about existing in an inhaborg?
Look back to D&G and the machine of the non-organic life- what are the trends and issues of self regulation- intelligence and force0 the quantity thru flow, what is the META META for life? to exist?
2. what are the boundaries of inhabitation.. what are the rulesets.. what is the model...there is a spray can but it is just the place holder for the device to communicate- control the tools for communication
3. (this is from jmc) he said that i "undermined my credibility with the use of youtube", i need more presices in visual material and though i might be exploring the canvas right now its time for a verticle explorations. what is the new domain? what are the new parameters?
4. mdh- what is the role of the human? (good question right? gees i should have actually put that more in the forefront.. i mean who are we growing this for? oh nina ) so is it man vrs. nature but i m saying ultimately that MAN IS NATURE (i know hard to believe) and that the boundaries can be broken down from the inhabitation and the subject. You can live in something more similar to yourself.
5. also.. nano/quantum levels-bacteria things that break down he boundaries and the illusions of the boundries of existing and proposed.
6. ed again- apple tree anecdote- apple tree and the parasitic vine became one. the sapping- what are the local and global implications and how it actually harnesses the energy(s) around it.. why the vine not the strangle
7. macroscopic and fields .. look at the macro break down in the other fields that operate through the matter/media
8. I NEED A MODEL OF THIS THING>>>>>>>>> MOST IMPORTANTE!.....what is the basic model.. what does it mean to be this THING? where is the feed back loop from the rules...
9. THE FLY!!!
Goldblum takes over the habits of the fly--predistinguish.. there are a catalogue of attributes what is the TAXONOMY of this SPECIES-- where is the TRANS action the mutual exchange between the people and the inhaborg?
10. (here's a kicker) RE DEFINE EVOLUTION... that one is one of my favorites.
what does it mean for evolution to take place? communication to evolve? what is the rule set of communication .. think about Sanford Kwinter's class, how does it integrate to culture and complex life? how does it get there? memes? Temes? memorization systems and habit...
11. micheal serres txt.. ill get back to that... model for how things work in this world irreversible..
12. thermodynamics model and info theory.. how to produce/value its intelligence?
13. noise reaction-- question of level 4 .. how do you know if it is going the right way?
14. jmc-make it more systematic.. work with systems towards the model
15. mdh-making and doing only way to progress the project.. and i completely agree.. i need to start to make some of the experiments.. ben bratton said that to me in the first convo i had with him on this... yep.. its all a big i know you told me so.. i just have to get it done.
my experiments for the model.. what ever happened to me and the scientific method?
16. write out a thesis statement.. (we should have done this in the beginning.. but you know how things are around here)
17. reflect on the media, the biology is the media...medium of communication. (back to the great dance.. iLove that movie)
18. limits of organic life- nasa paper, how would we be come if we didnt know how we got here?
non living vrs. .living
how inhaborg deals with contact flow and information.. what is the pattern recognition. transmition/transactive
19. what are the protocalls/ mattenence of pattern.. but also ARAKAWA AND GINS.. breaking habit.



Little bit on the lowdown.


This is the proposal for an installation I am making for the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival . This is exploring some of the points in Level 1 of the steps to Inhaborg. This is also for a class I am taking with MarkDavid Hosale. So by the end of it (or at least August 8th) I will know how to get my little arduino board up and running.

Words From Chu

The evolution of life and intelligence on Earth has finally reached the point where it is now deemed possible to engender something almost out of nothing, at least in principle, a universe of possible worlds based on generative principles inherent within nature and the physical universe. For the first time, mankind is now finally in possession of the power to change and transform the nature of biological species, including the genetic make-up that defines the condition of being human. By bringing into the foreground the hidden reservoir of life in all its potential manifestations through the manipulation of the genetic code, the unmasking or the transgression of what could be considered the first principle of prohibition - the taking into possession of what was once presumed to be the power of God to create life - may lead to conditions that are so precarious and treacherous as to even threaten the future viability of the species, Homo sapiens, on Earth. At the same time, depending on how mankind navigates into the universe of possible worlds that are about to be siphoned through computation, it could once again bring forth a poetic re-enchantment of the world, one that resonates with all the attributes of a pre-modern era derives, in this instance, from the intersection of the seemingly irreconcilable domains of logos and mythos.

From Genetic Space, Karl Chu


moving units

Now is time to start thinking about what are these units, what are these cells that are sprouting and spreading? What is this unit we are scripting and coding? How would this happen in reality and not just in the the maya perspective viewer? Let's look at what makes a cell as living or possible to self sustain?
Top Ten things that characterize a Cell as Living:
1. Cells obey Laws of Energetics - they transform energy
2. Cells are Highly Structured
with emergent properties
3. Cells have an Evolutionary Origin (from a single primordial cell)

4. Cells Metabolize
possess metabolic pathways, process nutrients,
self adjust to environment via metabolic regulation
5. Cells Self-Replicate (divide)
6. Cells Osmoregulate
7. Cells Communicate 8. Cells show Animation (cyclosis ) 9. Cells Grow, Divide, & Differentiate10. Cells Die!!!! so, this building will not last forever! it be able to change and morph at will. reaction and actions.
Cells transform energy (waste/food) by capturing light and chemical/redux reactions. The cells trans form the energy to do work - osmotic or mechanical or electrical (mmm electrical). Not only do they transform the energy but they give off energy as to maintain a non-equilibrium ordered state.

That's some radical agents. Each cell is a power plant in the spectrum of the organism. Imagine harnessing the energy? There is so much potential out there!

The basic units I will be looking at for now are the following:
animal cell based
plant cell based
hybrid (plant-animal)

Each start off as a unit in a petri dish, or like the The Perfect Human, by
Jørgen Leth. That is how it forms in the computer, the script that lets the code unfold without outside stimuli. Then we take it as (Lars Von Trier did with his 5 Obstructions) , set the code/cell out with new parameters and chance and time and context.


This is a reactive hyrid plant that grows, blossoms, and withers. The leaves and flowers are picked from The Garden of Eichstatt, a 17th century botanical book.

Eichstatt is an online version of an interactive installation (with jars and suction cups) shown at the Royal College of Art Show in 2001.

Metaphorical.net is a collection of experiments that explores and extends the passions and fleeing enchantments of William Ngan.




Metabolism= Peeeece of mind

Scientists in Singapore have developed a battery powered by urine. Researchers at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology created the credit card-size battery as a disposable power source for medical test kits. Ki Bang Lee and his colleagues have designed a disposable battery on a chip that is activated by biofluids, aka urine, blood, and potentially even semen. All this stuff in our bodies is potential energy! All these fluids contains ions which allow the electricity-producing chemical reaction to take place in the battery.

This potentially low-cost biodegradable battery is not that complex to fabricate. Lee and his colleagues soaked a piece of paper in a solution of copper chloride and sandwiched it between strips of magnesium and copper. This sandwich was then laminated between two sheets of transparent plastic. When a drop of urine is added to the paper through a slit in the plastic, a chemical reaction takes place that produces electricity. (Electrici-pee!)

This little prototype battery produced about 1.5 volts, the same as a standard AA battery, and runs for about 90 minutes. Researchers said the power, voltage, and lifetime of the battery can be improved by adjusting the geometry and materials used. This technoloy can be used to power laptops, mp3 players, lightbulbs, whatever potentially! imagine all the energy that has been wasted! No more black outs in NYC! Everybody Pee!


list of things...

I have been tardy in getting this out.. but here is the list of 100 projects that contribute to the progress of the inhaborg. Bear with me as this is going to be an unruly list.

The following are key points of projects.:

1. project with goal of recycling waste(noise)
2. reuse cancer
3. reuse aids, dwelling that live of the disease
4. reuse urine as the main power source for heating
5. homeless/nomadic virus pod that attaches and attacks the propelled surface similarly to a leech.
6. pin point on suction technologies and their application.
7. observation of suction and connective tissue in plants and animals
8. additive and interjection of technologies potential in reconfiguring the suction and connective tissues in plants and animals
9. additive and interjection of nano technologies potential in "wall" cartilage for maneuverable environments
10. unit design and coded cells
11. look at collective building systems such as coral and or pollen collection services
12. symbiotic relationships and interweaving of organisms that unite to form the dwelling
13. plant animal hybrid cells?
14. Building out of banyan trees interlaced with internet
15. nesting systems
16. weaving systems
17. reactions to implied force, aka heating and cooling, chemical reactions
18. Endocrine secretions to cause a genetically-programmed death in octopus/dwelling
19. walls with chemosenors, transducing chemical signal to potential action
20. collage and layering of "cells" and eating them away
21. bacteria spray that eats at masonry brick and leaves a residue that allows for new mold/moss growth
22. vomeronasal organ exploited to a surface, reacting and acting on its stimuli
23.looking at how ivy grows on buildings and thinking how to implement that in to a system for an inhabitable growth
24. observations of mitosis
25. cell communication through paxillin
26. start growing plant life homes in obscure urban places
27. start gowning plant life homes in automobiles that live off of exhaust
28. structure from hair
29. structure form shed skin
30. structure from belly lint
31. structure from ear wax
32. structure from cum
33. structure reacts to spit
34. structure that reacts to water
35. material that dissolves in water
36. self organizing space via simple unites and a electrical charge between the connectors
37. morter less brick at the nano level!b
38. Stimergy (information gathered from work in process) and out putting that info for reactions
39. Bernard Convection as a form of information transfer
40. the use of flocking in birds or bee swarming ad a active yet temporary space/field definer
41. metastasis of growing agents from one body(part) to another, more fluid tranfer of the parasite that builds as it eats, builds from its wastes
42. structure that is powered by urine
43. structure that is powered by cum
44. structure in a cemetery that is powered by tears
45. structure that is powered by dead bodies
46. cell energy recycled and moved and die
47. bacteria giving off oil and spitting it out as a polymer base growth
48. investigations in food structures, aka inestinal structureing
49. meringue rigidization
50. calcification of particles
51. increased elasticity under heating (cheese/meat)
53. potato power


GOZILLA(greglynn) VRS. KING KONG(ericownmoss)

One thing I have to say is that Eric Own Moss is hilarious. Monday night at th Sciarc Gallery, there was a conversation between him and Greg Lynn about the current installation of the Blob Wall. The goal of the blob wall was to come up with a mortar-less brick. Amoung other things in the current public spectrum of architecture, this piece is relative to pop culture through its playful notions but what I would like to say is its potential for mass marketing and sub narration. What if each one of these units were made with googley eyes or had smiley faces much like everything in a Japanese Grocery store. What if it was a collaboration between Takashi Murakami and Greg Lynn Form? The blob wall brick (I wish we had a name for it) isnt far off from Murakami's "Mr. DOB."

Let's return to this intention of "brick". What is a brick? A brick is a block of ceramic material used in masonry construction, laid using mortar, according to wikipedia. A "brick" from popular culture could be a character in role-playing and other games whose primary role is to sustain damage and act as a shield for weaker allies or just a game not far off from Tetris.

We are interpreting this "brick" as a structural element, though the installation did have a small collapse. Though "mortar-less" this brick did not snap into the next one or relate, it was restricted to a predestined form instituted by the modeling program. Now I do not want to assume here but if this path was taken then great.

What if the brick was used as the bases of a script, the brick was the unit that had its own reactions/wants/needs/desires programed in to its possible behaviors? Even Jonathan Borofsky's Human Structures start to address these points in there own evolution and realization. If the blob wall unit was allowed to expose itself and may be even dissolve into its self. What if he employed the Xfrog Program to let the evolution?

What my suggestion was that the actual structure served as the mortar, the membrane could have a reaction to itself and maybe grow on to its self. Or if an introduction of sunlight via sunlamps or etc and then embedded in the surface is a mold or some bacteria/fungus that spreads and grows exponentially with the sun. Just a suggestion.

for the moneysigns...

McDonald's is really sprouting up some good ideas in the Chicago Area. This billboard advertising there now heath conscious menu is a growing a new green. According to the Chicago Business Times:

McDonald’s Corp.’s latest effort to promote its health-conscious menu items takes advantage of the saying that the medium is the message.

Green lettuce has been planted to form the words “fresh salads” on a billboard in Wrigleyville near the intersection of Addison and Clark streets to promote its four premium salads.

[McDonald's ad agency's] creative team worked closely with a horticulturalist to create a billboard that could start with 1½-inch spouts and grow into lush leaves. The garden appears to be safe from being plucked apart by birds because there is no place for them to perch and peck.

How leaffy! What if green cards were edible or plantible... Moneysigns green and growing. Why does that not feed the people on the streets?Where are the tomato plants?


not so proper propaganda

Notes from presenting this little ditty...
I presented it as a piece of propaganda's but its missing the dichotomy of the utopia/dystopia. Parade of information is the passive voice. So what now? Start to write stories. Aaron Bocanegra gave me the best advice I think. Develop what it means to be in these places. This totally makes sense to me as it is a reexamination and elaboration on the senses. Expressing it in real translated feelings and notions. What if you received post cards from these different places where the inhaborg was deployed much like the Greek restaurants in Floridian beach towns. This piece is too much on the surface right now and has to get into the grind. I completely agree with this as this could be called a TEASER and not the whole money shot. Other things - express the bottom emerging proliferation. What are the arguments (to be or not to be alive and encompassing?) This agent is not just a design tool
what do I want to do with this? Good question. Like so what we have all this and all this could be bricollaged together for form a "new", a third form/function/fatality. This needs to be imploded in the presentce and not to for get about the METABOLISM. I need to elaborate and really push this part because it is the ultimately defining factor. I need some flow charts!

Gregory Thorpe had some great advice for me also, as he has seen how I work from my days hunting glory holes. I need to antagonize my own design tendencies and escape and then oh yes.. return. I have to make it about the thing itself. not the representation. It is the matter that communicates its own being.

I am going to finally finish this list and get back to you. But till then.. more to digest.


verde machina

Elan Fessler proposed OPAM, the Organic Public Art Machine. This device is transnational, benign. OPAM is made from "smart" materials, predominately an organic, biodegradable, corn-based plastic. This organic-machine is a solar-powered, video projecting, transportable mobile ecosystem. This "urban phenomenon" could also be considered hippie terrorism.


Cell-ular Communication..

Last year in San Diego scientists Shu Chien and Ying-Li Hu captured on video the intracellular version of a postal delivery service. Reported in the journal Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (BBRC), bioengineering researchers at UC San Diego published videos of a key message-carrying protein called paxillin moving abruptly from hubs of communication and transportation activity on the cell surface toward the nucleus. Paxillin, shown in the video above and the image below are highlighted with labeled with a red fluorescence marker to make it stand out in live cells.
Even without video evidence, scientists have confirmed over the past 10 years that higher organisms use paxillin as a transmitter of locomotion and gene-expression signals from several classes of growth-factor receptors to the nucleus. The agent of communication, the cellular cell phone.

Paxillin's malfunctions have been linked to a variety of cancers, tumor metastasis, and other disease processes. Tumor-causing versions of signaling molecules may attach to paxillin and disturb the normal adhesion and growth factor signaling steps required for controlled proliferation and cell growth. Human papilloma virus, which can lead to cervical cancer, produces a protein that binds to paxillin. That interaction may contribute to the carcinogenic potential of the sexually transmitted virus. *note, potential for a building out of AIDS
This filming of paxillin was via cells from the inner membranous lining of a cow aorta. They added genetically engineered proteins tagged with red and green fluorescence markers to the bovine aortic endothelial cells, grew them in tissue culture, and filmed them while they passed fluid across the cells’ surface in a simulation of flowing blood.

Paxillin is found primarily at focal adhesions, busy intersections of activity scattered around the cell’s cytoplasmic membrane. Focal adhesions are regions highly rich with receptors for growth factors (!!!) and they are also structural attachment points that link the extracellular world to the protein filaments and tubes that comprise a cell’s internal cytoskeleton.

Paxillin is the way to tap into the sensory action of the cellular. Now the challange is to try to translate their means of communication. What is the code that is paxillin is the messenger for? Hello Pattern Recognition!


live in jerky

50 sheep stomachs...
by julia lohmann
imagine the walls of your house were beef jerky.