Almost a party favor...

I didn't want to make any fun-guy jokes. This little bugger is a fungus from New Zealand. Ileodictyon cibarium is the name of this amazing growth! It forms this structure formally is reminiscent of coral and a vonoroi script.

I stumbled across this while looking for images for the film I am making.
Think of this being in the "structure catagory/ the scaffolding.

"Fruiting Body: Initially a whitish "egg" up to 7 cm across, attached to white cords; rupturing, with the mature fruiting body emerging as a more or less round, cage-like structure, 5-25 cm across, forming 10-30 polygons; arms about 1 cm in diameter, not thickened at the intersections, white underneath the olive brown spore slime; the egg tissue creating a whitish volva, but the mature structure detaching from it." _Kuo, M. (2008, July). Ileodictyon cibarium. Retrieved from the MushroomExpert.Com Web site: http://www.mushroomexpert.com/ileodictyon_cibarium.html

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