Green walls && growth walls

This is an installation made by Jesse Harlin and the Shadow Observatory. Growth Interactive installation consisted of music generated by user input on two gravis gamepad video game controllers. A large image of CG leaves were projected on the wall that responded to the music created by the user.
I wrote him an email and he got back to me (in only a few hours!) Jesse is currently working on a 14 ft. tall organism that will detect human proximity and motion, temperature and light levels to ascertain an "emotional state" and then communicate that emotional state through 16 speakers over 8 discrete channels. Pretty groovy. He is using arduino and max/msp. He is making a "symbiotic music organism." Very similar to Marcos Novak's Navigable Music but the music its not just the void in the space, it is the thing. (I need to get my installation rolling along.. but thats another story. ) Here is the video footage link he sent me:

Imaging if this also could happen with actually green walls?

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