FIght the Power!

Here is your chance to help make the "rules." You have 3 more days to submit comments to the LEED game of life for Neighborhood Development. Public comments close on Jan 5th. So take a stand. This is the first public comment period for the Neighborhood Developement rating system section, which hopes to integrates the principles of smart growth, new urbanism and green building into the first national system for neighborhood design. This is a collaborative effort among USGBC, the Congress for the New Urbanism and the Natural Resources Defense Council. "This rating system is built upon the LEED for Neighborhood Development pilot rating system, which nearly 240 projects have been using since July 2007 as part of a successful pilot program. Their invaluable feedback, combined with countless hours of USGBC volunteer time, has produced a more sophisticated, market-responsive rating system."

View the rating system draft and comment! Please go the LEED Rating System Drafts Web page.

That said, I still and do find LEED to be ridiculous. But some people need a "game" to play to think and act responsibly. I have to leave my own comments yet. I just wonder how much of the community itself is taken into consideration. What is organic and controlled?


zakary said...

Hi Nina,
I am very interested in your thesis and your thoughts about metabolism and symbiosis.
I am graduate student studying the architecture of the in-between, What is the living continuum of habitat and shelter?
I would like to read you thesis / have a conversation with you if it isn't too much to ask.

nina b said...

email me
nbarbuto@gmail.com.. i dont know how to contact you to talk to you about this stuff.