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Paul Laffoley
was recently brought to my attention. His work is directly related to the inhabitable organism. In fact, it is it! He is describing what I have been trying to get at. First a little bit more about Paul::

He went tot the Harvard's GSD for art in 1963. He was dismissed from there. Why I don't know yet. He then went to NYC to work with Frederick Kiesler. Andy Warhol got a hold of Paul and had him watch a lot of tv. A fact that is quite haunting is that Laffoley worked 18 months on design for the WTC Tower II (floors 15 to 45) with Emery Roth & Sons under the direction of architect Minoru Yamasaki. He was fired by Yamasaki after he suggested that bridges be constructed between the two towers for safety. He returned to Boston after that and started painting.

His highly original approach to the construction of the painted surface is based on extensive hand written journals documenting his research, diagrams, and footnoted predecessors to various theoretical developments. He deals with concepts from time machines to nano laboratories in the brain. JUST AMAZING.

I hope to talk to Paul Laffoley about the growing buildings. He even said, you'd get some seeds and in a few months you'd have something. That's one of the points I had in my movie. How do we make this real? How does one bring this to the attention of the public with out them running off? Let's get Paul Stamets and Laffoley in a room and grow something.

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