It's Alive

Theo Jansen has created these beautiful walking beach animals. They are aware of their place in space and their environment. His newest creatures walk without assistance on the beaches of Holland, powered by wind, captured by gossamer wings that flap and pump air into old lemonade bottles that in turn power the creatures' many plastic spindly legs. The walking sculptures look alive as they move, each leg articulating in such a way that the body is steady and level. New robots are now modeled with such joinery. They even incorporate primitive logic gates that are used to reverse the machine’s direction if it senses dangerous water or loose sand where it might get stuck.

The fact that they are self powered is a kick in the pants to why more buildings can't be that way. Yes, we have integrated wind and sun more but really it is not an everyday occurrence. These sand beasts that Jansen has made are low tech and could be reproduced. Imaging if you lived inside of one of these beasts, and not only was the wind powering the "animal" and what ever else you plugged into it but you with your movements were also attributing to its energy?
Would that then be the inhabitable organism?

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