Seedmagazine.com Seed Design Series Natalie Jeremijenko, an inventor and engineer, produces work that focuses on the design and analysis of tangible digital media. She bridges the technical and the art world. She is the director of the xDesign Environmental Health Clinic. The Environmental Health Clinic develops and prescribes locally optimized and often playful strategies to effect remediation of environmental systems. This progessive self sustaining strategy produces measurable and mediagenic evidence and coordinating diverse projects to effective material change.

URBAN SPACE STATION Sofia, Madrid 2008 from cesar harada on Vimeo.

Her Urban Space Station project is quite remarkable. Cesar Harada worked on this as well. (He's just amazing.) This portable piece of architecture is intended to improve the quality of air in the surroundings. It sits on the roof and filters air, grows food and re-uses organic waste for inhabitants. Very Inhabitable Organism! It's goal is to improve the health of people around it as well as tidy up our environment. A conscious receptacle of wastes that transforms them to food per say. This is a light weight answer to heavy construction green roofs, not to deter any one from using them. If the urban space station was packaged right , it could be the next big hit from IKEA or any other vernacular store where people could feel apt and capable to application of them. You too can have one on your roof!

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