a truck grows in brooklyn

Filmmakers Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney have revved up mobile living and food to a whole new level.TRUCK FARM is their brilliant film and food project featuring a 1986 Dodge Truck. By combining green roof technology, organic compost, and heirloom seeds, they have created a living, mobile garden in the streets of Brooklyn. The spacial concept of this is amazing. As every person who has a garden speaks about the "land" and ownership of static space, the truck shifts that notion and reiterates how dynamic the city is but at the same time redefining our innate need and wants to independently grow our own food.

A solar powered timelapes camera is documenting the growth and adventures throughout the summer. Every month they have also been releasing a short as well.

With the new passing of H2749 and CODEX, this might be our only option one day. This sneaky bill which Obama is behind (wtf? when Michelle has a garden at the white house??!Was that all a front?) Her garden is pretty much illegal unless she can dish out $500 dollars. My garden is as well. So would be TRUCK FARM. (more on this bill in its own blog)

Possible we will revert to what I saw when I went to visit my family in Maierato, Italy. Trucks would come around selling goods. There was a mattress truck, egg truck, you name it truck. There was also a boy going around with a cart and a goat selling FRESH FROM THE GOAT goats milk and cheese. Next we will have the village green back.

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