I'll take some tissue to go!

So for those who believe this could possibly be not a reality, scientists everywhere are progressing the possibility of cells growing and developing. As I see this, they are new mailable materials for the not the "built" but "GROWN" environment. The BBC has an article on the progress of a team at the University College London lead by Professor Robert Brown who have learned to cut down the time it takes to grow living tissue. Scientist currently make tissues to be used for operations such as skin grafts by building a scaffold of cells that are grown in the lab. Previously, tissue growth would take up to one and 12 weeks are required to grow enough for surgery. Professor Brown and his team experimented on making a tissue called collagen, which acts as a structural support for skin, bones and tendons. (Hello Structural support!) By sucking out the water using a method entitled plastic compression progressed the development of the collagen growth to just over a 30 minutes. Not only was the tissue made much faster but it also was stronger and more like real collagen than other engineered tissues.

Imaging grafting on a new layer of leather on to your body. It's the new form of pleat. That goes out to all the fashionistas and their biomimetic actions.

SO knock knock. Let's take the grafting and start to grow towards things in buildings and etc.

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