Words from Roche

"To reclaim the scenarios and substances that condition architectr and reveal the contraditcions and fantasies that drive our societies, we need, on the contrary to draw on this vibrating, disquieting and voluptuously temporarily. Architecture is not something to be thought or produces for later, like the stander bearer for a morality. It can only be negotiated live, in its contingency on a situation and is solubility in a set of givens." FRANCIOS ROCHE_ (Science) Fiction & Mass Culture Crisis

"We are in the situation where we don't know what is going on, so we are in the city doing micro-architecture. If you start with a virus, you can change everything, you know, with the contamination system." (R&Sie)

What happens when you fall in love? and What ever you read and hear or see from this other party makes all the sense in the world to you?

It has me in a sticky position. Almost frustrating. But eyes on the prize. Ultimately, this exploration will be fulfilled through installations and a movie? I am working on a list of projects and will post them as soon as I reach a proper number.

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