Bio®ebo(O) T

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"François Roche
Bio®ebo (O) T
“an architecture of moods”

State of advance (02) of the research which will be made public in January 2010, at the Laboratory - Paris.
In the continuation of Ive heard butt presented to the MAM in 2005, this second opus attempts more precisely to work out the computational, mathematical procedures and robotics with collaborations of François Jouve, Marc Fornes and Stephan Henrich. The urban biostructure thus generated remains contingent with protocols of indeterminations, fact of successive aggregations which Re-articulate the bond between the individual and the collective, but not only.

It will be the occasion to question this turbid zone ''of the emission and the collecting of the désirs' ', by the nonintrusive collection of signals neuropsychological and to seize moods of the future purchasers like as many generative inputs of the diversity and the heterogeneity of livable morphologies.

François Roche is member of R&Sie (N), limited liability company of architecture founded with Stéphanie Lavaux in 1993. He is of more teaching in ''the advanced studio' 'of Columbia University Gsapp/New York and of Angewangde School/Vienna in Austria.

François Roche, through the limited liability company was invited to six recoveries with the Biennale de Venise, took part in more than one score of international exhibitions and gave more than one hundred of conferences abroad. In France, this production structure and of research asserts a statute of native immigrant."

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