Tremont Electric has created a kinetic energy-based charger called the nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator). This charger immediately converts kinetic energy to electricity and feeds it to your gadgets instead of storing the energy and then charging. This little hand held device can charge the average portable device up to 80 percent with an hour's worth of movement. (What about carpel tunnel? Arthritis? mmm) This clever gadget can be placed in your backpack or purse or strapped to your bike or kayak and derive the same energy. You can even use it while standing on the subway or bus, great way to relieve nervous habits and boredom. This 9 ounce 9 inchx1.5 inch device just plugs into your phone, MP3 player or other device directly into the PEG via USB cable. Then just start moving. Tremont claims that if everyone with portable devices used the PEG for an hour every day instead of plugging into the grid, enough energy would be saved to power 21,000 households for a year. Pretty impressive, right? Imagine if we took that to power the things in your house. Not just while your bored or while your watching tv, you could power your house every time you walk around.

This is very similar to the eco-energy-generating-dance floor that is in England. The floor harnesses power from the pounding of clubbers’ feet and convert it into electricity. The harder you party the more you WORK, from the physics sense. (Think of Ciara's new song work.)

The club is quite pricey at a £10 entry fee but those customers who can prove they travelled there by
foot, bicycle or public transport will be allowed in free. That dance floor could be your bed room floor! Or imagine some sleazy motel powering its blinking sign from the people getting it on inside... It's just recycling the energy.

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