moving units

Now is time to start thinking about what are these units, what are these cells that are sprouting and spreading? What is this unit we are scripting and coding? How would this happen in reality and not just in the the maya perspective viewer? Let's look at what makes a cell as living or possible to self sustain?
Top Ten things that characterize a Cell as Living:
1. Cells obey Laws of Energetics - they transform energy
2. Cells are Highly Structured
with emergent properties
3. Cells have an Evolutionary Origin (from a single primordial cell)

4. Cells Metabolize
possess metabolic pathways, process nutrients,
self adjust to environment via metabolic regulation
5. Cells Self-Replicate (divide)
6. Cells Osmoregulate
7. Cells Communicate 8. Cells show Animation (cyclosis ) 9. Cells Grow, Divide, & Differentiate10. Cells Die!!!! so, this building will not last forever! it be able to change and morph at will. reaction and actions.
Cells transform energy (waste/food) by capturing light and chemical/redux reactions. The cells trans form the energy to do work - osmotic or mechanical or electrical (mmm electrical). Not only do they transform the energy but they give off energy as to maintain a non-equilibrium ordered state.

That's some radical agents. Each cell is a power plant in the spectrum of the organism. Imagine harnessing the energy? There is so much potential out there!

The basic units I will be looking at for now are the following:
animal cell based
plant cell based
hybrid (plant-animal)

Each start off as a unit in a petri dish, or like the The Perfect Human, by
Jørgen Leth. That is how it forms in the computer, the script that lets the code unfold without outside stimuli. Then we take it as (Lars Von Trier did with his 5 Obstructions) , set the code/cell out with new parameters and chance and time and context.

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