GOZILLA(greglynn) VRS. KING KONG(ericownmoss)

One thing I have to say is that Eric Own Moss is hilarious. Monday night at th Sciarc Gallery, there was a conversation between him and Greg Lynn about the current installation of the Blob Wall. The goal of the blob wall was to come up with a mortar-less brick. Amoung other things in the current public spectrum of architecture, this piece is relative to pop culture through its playful notions but what I would like to say is its potential for mass marketing and sub narration. What if each one of these units were made with googley eyes or had smiley faces much like everything in a Japanese Grocery store. What if it was a collaboration between Takashi Murakami and Greg Lynn Form? The blob wall brick (I wish we had a name for it) isnt far off from Murakami's "Mr. DOB."

Let's return to this intention of "brick". What is a brick? A brick is a block of ceramic material used in masonry construction, laid using mortar, according to wikipedia. A "brick" from popular culture could be a character in role-playing and other games whose primary role is to sustain damage and act as a shield for weaker allies or just a game not far off from Tetris.

We are interpreting this "brick" as a structural element, though the installation did have a small collapse. Though "mortar-less" this brick did not snap into the next one or relate, it was restricted to a predestined form instituted by the modeling program. Now I do not want to assume here but if this path was taken then great.

What if the brick was used as the bases of a script, the brick was the unit that had its own reactions/wants/needs/desires programed in to its possible behaviors? Even Jonathan Borofsky's Human Structures start to address these points in there own evolution and realization. If the blob wall unit was allowed to expose itself and may be even dissolve into its self. What if he employed the Xfrog Program to let the evolution?

What my suggestion was that the actual structure served as the mortar, the membrane could have a reaction to itself and maybe grow on to its self. Or if an introduction of sunlight via sunlamps or etc and then embedded in the surface is a mold or some bacteria/fungus that spreads and grows exponentially with the sun. Just a suggestion.

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