list of things...

I have been tardy in getting this out.. but here is the list of 100 projects that contribute to the progress of the inhaborg. Bear with me as this is going to be an unruly list.

The following are key points of projects.:

1. project with goal of recycling waste(noise)
2. reuse cancer
3. reuse aids, dwelling that live of the disease
4. reuse urine as the main power source for heating
5. homeless/nomadic virus pod that attaches and attacks the propelled surface similarly to a leech.
6. pin point on suction technologies and their application.
7. observation of suction and connective tissue in plants and animals
8. additive and interjection of technologies potential in reconfiguring the suction and connective tissues in plants and animals
9. additive and interjection of nano technologies potential in "wall" cartilage for maneuverable environments
10. unit design and coded cells
11. look at collective building systems such as coral and or pollen collection services
12. symbiotic relationships and interweaving of organisms that unite to form the dwelling
13. plant animal hybrid cells?
14. Building out of banyan trees interlaced with internet
15. nesting systems
16. weaving systems
17. reactions to implied force, aka heating and cooling, chemical reactions
18. Endocrine secretions to cause a genetically-programmed death in octopus/dwelling
19. walls with chemosenors, transducing chemical signal to potential action
20. collage and layering of "cells" and eating them away
21. bacteria spray that eats at masonry brick and leaves a residue that allows for new mold/moss growth
22. vomeronasal organ exploited to a surface, reacting and acting on its stimuli
23.looking at how ivy grows on buildings and thinking how to implement that in to a system for an inhabitable growth
24. observations of mitosis
25. cell communication through paxillin
26. start growing plant life homes in obscure urban places
27. start gowning plant life homes in automobiles that live off of exhaust
28. structure from hair
29. structure form shed skin
30. structure from belly lint
31. structure from ear wax
32. structure from cum
33. structure reacts to spit
34. structure that reacts to water
35. material that dissolves in water
36. self organizing space via simple unites and a electrical charge between the connectors
37. morter less brick at the nano level!b
38. Stimergy (information gathered from work in process) and out putting that info for reactions
39. Bernard Convection as a form of information transfer
40. the use of flocking in birds or bee swarming ad a active yet temporary space/field definer
41. metastasis of growing agents from one body(part) to another, more fluid tranfer of the parasite that builds as it eats, builds from its wastes
42. structure that is powered by urine
43. structure that is powered by cum
44. structure in a cemetery that is powered by tears
45. structure that is powered by dead bodies
46. cell energy recycled and moved and die
47. bacteria giving off oil and spitting it out as a polymer base growth
48. investigations in food structures, aka inestinal structureing
49. meringue rigidization
50. calcification of particles
51. increased elasticity under heating (cheese/meat)
53. potato power

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