not so proper propaganda

Notes from presenting this little ditty...
I presented it as a piece of propaganda's but its missing the dichotomy of the utopia/dystopia. Parade of information is the passive voice. So what now? Start to write stories. Aaron Bocanegra gave me the best advice I think. Develop what it means to be in these places. This totally makes sense to me as it is a reexamination and elaboration on the senses. Expressing it in real translated feelings and notions. What if you received post cards from these different places where the inhaborg was deployed much like the Greek restaurants in Floridian beach towns. This piece is too much on the surface right now and has to get into the grind. I completely agree with this as this could be called a TEASER and not the whole money shot. Other things - express the bottom emerging proliferation. What are the arguments (to be or not to be alive and encompassing?) This agent is not just a design tool
what do I want to do with this? Good question. Like so what we have all this and all this could be bricollaged together for form a "new", a third form/function/fatality. This needs to be imploded in the presentce and not to for get about the METABOLISM. I need to elaborate and really push this part because it is the ultimately defining factor. I need some flow charts!

Gregory Thorpe had some great advice for me also, as he has seen how I work from my days hunting glory holes. I need to antagonize my own design tendencies and escape and then oh yes.. return. I have to make it about the thing itself. not the representation. It is the matter that communicates its own being.

I am going to finally finish this list and get back to you. But till then.. more to digest.

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