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Here are some of the comments and where I need to take it from here. Ed Keller was there. He is so tremendous! Jean Michel and MarkDavid and 2 friends of his from UCSB were also at the review.
1. ed-what does it mean to be alive? organic/inorganic...
is the brick alive, what does it mean? what does it mean about existing in an inhaborg?
Look back to D&G and the machine of the non-organic life- what are the trends and issues of self regulation- intelligence and force0 the quantity thru flow, what is the META META for life? to exist?
2. what are the boundaries of inhabitation.. what are the rulesets.. what is the model...there is a spray can but it is just the place holder for the device to communicate- control the tools for communication
3. (this is from jmc) he said that i "undermined my credibility with the use of youtube", i need more presices in visual material and though i might be exploring the canvas right now its time for a verticle explorations. what is the new domain? what are the new parameters?
4. mdh- what is the role of the human? (good question right? gees i should have actually put that more in the forefront.. i mean who are we growing this for? oh nina ) so is it man vrs. nature but i m saying ultimately that MAN IS NATURE (i know hard to believe) and that the boundaries can be broken down from the inhabitation and the subject. You can live in something more similar to yourself.
5. also.. nano/quantum levels-bacteria things that break down he boundaries and the illusions of the boundries of existing and proposed.
6. ed again- apple tree anecdote- apple tree and the parasitic vine became one. the sapping- what are the local and global implications and how it actually harnesses the energy(s) around it.. why the vine not the strangle
7. macroscopic and fields .. look at the macro break down in the other fields that operate through the matter/media
8. I NEED A MODEL OF THIS THING>>>>>>>>> MOST IMPORTANTE!.....what is the basic model.. what does it mean to be this THING? where is the feed back loop from the rules...
9. THE FLY!!!
Goldblum takes over the habits of the fly--predistinguish.. there are a catalogue of attributes what is the TAXONOMY of this SPECIES-- where is the TRANS action the mutual exchange between the people and the inhaborg?
10. (here's a kicker) RE DEFINE EVOLUTION... that one is one of my favorites.
what does it mean for evolution to take place? communication to evolve? what is the rule set of communication .. think about Sanford Kwinter's class, how does it integrate to culture and complex life? how does it get there? memes? Temes? memorization systems and habit...
11. micheal serres txt.. ill get back to that... model for how things work in this world irreversible..
12. thermodynamics model and info theory.. how to produce/value its intelligence?
13. noise reaction-- question of level 4 .. how do you know if it is going the right way?
14. jmc-make it more systematic.. work with systems towards the model
15. mdh-making and doing only way to progress the project.. and i completely agree.. i need to start to make some of the experiments.. ben bratton said that to me in the first convo i had with him on this... yep.. its all a big i know you told me so.. i just have to get it done.
my experiments for the model.. what ever happened to me and the scientific method?
16. write out a thesis statement.. (we should have done this in the beginning.. but you know how things are around here)
17. reflect on the media, the biology is the media...medium of communication. (back to the great dance.. iLove that movie)
18. limits of organic life- nasa paper, how would we be come if we didnt know how we got here?
non living vrs. .living
how inhaborg deals with contact flow and information.. what is the pattern recognition. transmition/transactive
19. what are the protocalls/ mattenence of pattern.. but also ARAKAWA AND GINS.. breaking habit.

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